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Camilla de masaje
Balance masaje paz tranquilidad
Centro de masajes
Balance masaje paz tranquilidad

Made courses of superior professional chiromassage in Barcelona and Ryazan

Worked during years as a private masseur and in some spa centres

Main types of massage:

Masaje relajante

Relaxing massage

Masaje deportivo

Sports massage

Masaje terapéutico

Therapeutic massage

- It aims to help you feel relaxed and relieve stress and tension in your muscles. - The pressure is usually light to medium. - The benefits of a relaxing massage include reducing stress and anxiety, improving circulation and increasing the sense of calm and general relaxation. - Helps relieve pain, particularly for those with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. - It’s a great way to take time for yourself and recharge your body and mind.

- Designed specifically for athletes, sportsmen and active people. - It aims to help improve performance, prevent injuries and assist in recovery from injuries or sports-related activities. - It focuses on specific muscle groups and areas of the body that are often used during physical activity. - These techniques may include deep tissue massage, trigger points, stretching and friction massage. - It helps increase flexibility and range of motion, reduces muscle pain and stiffness and improves circulation and lymphatic flow.

Masaje de piernas
Masaje de espalda

- It focuses on addressing specific health problems or conditions. - Identifies specific areas of your body that cause discomfort or pain. - It is more specific and intense than a relaxing massage and may involve strong pressure and more focused techniques, such as trigger point therapy, myofascial massage, scapular "cleaning" or deep tissue massage. - It can be used to address a variety of physical and mental health problems, including chronic pain, muscle tension, epitrocleitis, constipation, aerophagy, cellulite, headaches, anxiety, depression and sports injuries.

Masaje de los pies
Masaje holístico

Physical balance


Price list

1 session

10 sessions*

5 sessions*

30 min
60 min
90 min
120 min

45 €
60 €
80 €
100 €

40 €
55 €
75 €
95 €

35 €
50 €
70 €
90 €

*Price for 1 session

Professional Massage Therapist in Barcelona

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