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Couple therapy

Terapia de parejas

It is not always easy to live with another person. For some, this coexistence becomes a challenge. Couple problems begin to appear and later we sink in them. However, there is always an optimal solution for these issues.

Every relationship goes through difficult moments. Differences in personality, expectations and communication styles can lead to conflict. During the therapy you are heard, without judgment, to understand the specific dynamics that affect the relationship.

Communication is the foundation of any solid relationship. However, in times of crisis, it can become difficult to express thoughts and emotions clearly and respectfully. It is important to improve this communication by encouraging active listening and constructive dialogue. Through practical exercises, you will learn to express your needs and concerns in an assertive way.

Trust is a fundamental pillar in any relationship. When affected by past events or misunderstandings, the process of rebuilding can be challenging. I will guide you in the process of forgiving, healing emotional wounds and restoring lost trust. We will work together to identify destructive patterns and replace them with more positive and respectful interactions.

Each individual in a couple is unique, and it is natural that there are differences in perspectives, interests and goals. Through therapeutic sessions, we will learn to accept and respect these differences, transforming them into opportunities for growth and mutual enrichment. Positive Psychology will help us meet these goals. Learning to negotiate and make joint decisions strengthens the relationship and makes it more resilient to future challenges. 

Emotional and physical intimacy is essential to the well-being of a relationship. We will explore the emotional connection and rediscover the complicity between you. We will work with practical exercises that foster closeness and caring, revitalizing passion and shared interest.

Relationships can go through difficult times, but there is also the potential to heal and grow. The therapeutic approach is based on empathy, respect and understanding, providing partners with the necessary tools to overcome obstacles and strengthen their bond. If you are facing difficulties in your relationship, do not hesitate to ask a specialist. Together, we will work to build a solid and lasting foundation for the future.

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