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Gender violence, Mistreatment and Abuse

Violencia de género y maltrato

Gender-based violence is a painful reality that affects many people, causing profound harm to their emotional and physical well-being.

Gender-based violence encompasses a wide range of abusive and coercive behaviours, which may include physical, emotional, sexual or economic assaults. This violence is based on the imbalance of power and control and can affect anyone, regardless of sex, age, race or sexual orientation. It is important to address this problem in a comprehensive manner by providing specialized psychological support. It is not easy to talk about these intimate problems with another person but I provide you a safe and confidential space where you can receive the necessary support to overcome the emotional aftermath and rebuild your life.

Gender-based violence can undermine one’s identity and trust. The therapeutic approach I use is based on the integral healing of emotional wounds caused by gender violence. Through therapies such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Supportive Therapy and the Resilience-Based Approach, I will provide you with tools and strategies to rebuild your life, strengthen your confidence in yourself, find your voice, set limits in their relationships and regain control over your life. Positive Psychology will help us find your strengths and resilience. Overcoming gender violence requires courage and support.

Sometimes we do not realize the beginning of abuse, such as control of money, shouts, sporadic threats, jealousy, physical aggression or manupulation, and gradually we sink into a relationship that goes from worse to worse. In time we find ourselves without the strength to leave it and facing a situation of dependence. Sometimes, in the case of a child or elderly person, the dependence of the aggressor is much higher than in the case of an adult. However, in all cases an optimal solution will always be found to end violence and abuse. You are not alone in this.  Break the silence, regain your power and take the first step towards a life free of violence today!

 And remember that in a relationship a lack of respect is intolerable!

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